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Compliance Cloud Solutions Provider (CCSP)

Covenant uses modern and integrated cybersecurity threat intelligence solutions to protect user accounts, devices and sensitive data from evolving threats that are attacking you business every day.


Access your data and applications from anywhere

SkyDesk 365 is Covenant's fully managed cloud workspace solution.

SkyDesk 365 is a cloud computing platform for organizations with remote users, compliance requirements, or who want a reliable computing environment that flexes with their business needs without having to invest in expensive hardware.

SkyDesk 365 SMB

Hosted App/Desktop Services

  • Dedicated or Shared Architecture
  • Core Features
  • Bring your own Apps/Licenses
  • Hosting Licenses Included
  • 30 day rolling Server backup

SkyDesk 365 Standard

SkyDesk 365 SMB +

  • Dedicated Architecture
  • Seven year cloud file and email retention
  • Microsoft Desktop Apps
  • Hosted Email & Protection
  • Shared and Personal Cloud Storage
  • High Availability Zoned Architecture
  • Automated compliant data discovery
  • Item level server data restore

SkyDesk 365 Enterprise

SkyDesk 365 Standard +

  • Desktop Support
  • Unlimited Email Backup
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Backup
  • Desktop Antivirus
  • Desktop Remote Management
  • Desktop Security Patching
  • 5TB personal storage per user

Whatever your IT concerns are, we’ve got you covered…

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