Antivirus software by itself is no longer good enough to protect you. So what do you do??

Antivirus software by itself is no longer good enough to protect you. So what do you do??

The Problem with Antivirus software

We have all received emails with someone trying to get us to click on a link to open a file or go to a web site. These emails look like they were sent by someone within your company or someone you know. These automated attacks are trying to get you to install a virus or malware on your computer that will take over your computer, encrypt every valuable file it can find and ask you to pay an untraceable bitcoin account to get the keys to unlock your files.

Modern antivirus software only protects against known viruses and malware. What do you do about the unknown? The viruses and malware that change so rapidly the antivirus companies cannot find, produce and distribute identify signatures fast enough to protect your valuable data. The answer is behavior-based attack prevention software.

A Better Alternative to Legacy AV

Unlike traditional AV, next-generation AV (NGAV) identifies malicious activity using a system-centered, technical approach that examines every process on a computer. This allows next-gen AV to proactively detect and block the tools and tactics hackers use to gain entry. While traditional AV is focused on detecting malware at the endpoint alone, NGAV addresses a larger range of modern threat scenarios including fileless and ransomware attacks.

By looking at the whole context rather than just isolated incidents, next-gen AV offers a more effective means of recognizing and deterring unknown malware and sophisticated attacks. This rich contextual information allows NGAV to understand the cause of the attack and thus prevent future ones. Rapid deployment and cloud access are also key features of next-gen AV. It offers increased endpoint detection, better response capabilities, and a greater number of preventative measures. In many cases, it can entirely replace traditional endpoint protection products.

Focus On Behavior, Not Identity

The key is to prevent anything that can be prevented pre-execution and to deal with what cannot by looking at the behavior of processes executing on the endpoint. This is effective because, despite the large and increasing number of malware variants, they operate in very similar ways. The number of malware behaviors is considerably smaller than the number of ways a malicious file might look, making this approach suitable for prevention and detection.

How Can Covenant Help?

Covenant now offers NextGen AV for autonomous endpoint protection through a single agent that successfully prevents, detects and responds to attacks across all major threat vectors. This new advanced threat protection platform saves customers time by applying Artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically eliminate threats in real time for both on-premise and cloud environments and is the only solution to provide full visibility across networks directly from the endpoint.

Don’t be the next victim

Don’t be like some 40 cities in this year who have been attacked by ransomware and have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their data back. Read about it here.

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